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We produce excellent students through smart thinking and critical life skills

Our centre focuses on reorganising information and equipping students with the skills to score. Our emphasis is on promoting deeper understanding while enabling students to achieve beyond their desired results.

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Unique Features of Our Centre

Enhanced Performance

Learn how to recognise questions patterns and be prepared to respond accurately. Axiom Education focuses on discussion-based learning which facilitates the sharing of ideas and increases critical thinking ability.

Specially Compiled Notes

Each lesson is specially constructed based on the latest syllabus. We encourage progressive learning that results in increased confidence and accelerated development in our students.

Culture of Learning

Identifying milestones allows students to monitor their learning progress. Our educators strive to create a fun and dynamic learning environment making every lesson enjoyable.

Our Impressive Track Record

International Baccalaureate 2021

Average Total Score : 42.13


92.86% achieved '7'
100% achieved '6' or '7' for HL & SL Math


100% achieved 6 or 7 points


100% achieved 6 or 7 points