At Axiom, we aim to interpret fundamental ideologies and methodologies to practical everyday applications.

We are an academic tutorial centre that provides tuition services to secondary school level students onwards that will be taking the IP, IB, O and A level examinations. Gone are the days of simply memorising textbooks and regurgitating notes, because we believe that it’s not just about knowing the contents; it’s about understanding them and knowing what to do with the information given. The more you understand an idea, a concept or a question, the better the solution you can come up with

Why Axiom Education?

We aim to reorganise the wealth of information dumped on students to promote efficient learning while excelling in their studies. Our unique expertise and experience in teaching O level and IP as well as A level and IB sets us apart.

Nurturing Active Learners

Our educators strive to create a highly dynamic learning environment which encourages students to naturally develop their critical thinking skills as well as to actively participate in classroom discussions.

Passionate and Inspiring Educators.

Our teachers strive to push students to excel and achieve excellence and to develop an excitement for learning. Apart from impressive academic qualifications, our teachers also place great emphasis on caring for our students mental well-being.

Conducive Environment.

We hope to inspire students to act on their curiosity as classroom discussions are highly encouraged. We have developed unique methods to enable students to understand concepts better and to assist them in applying these concepts during their examinations.

Our Happy Students

Here are some of our testimonials from our passionate learners

Focused curriculum on key topics

Axiom's attention to each student’s needs allowed me to develop my strengths while providing support to areas which I was less proficient in. I always felt well-prepared for school exams as Axiom typically completes the syllabus ahead of time, allowing us with sufficient time for revision. Axiom Education focuses on ensuring we have a strong foundation of basic concepts to prepare us for the challenging questions asked in the examination. Overall, I found Axiom to be super awesome and would highly recommend it as Ashley is a dedicated and effective tutor who helps you achieve your targeted results.
Jeremy Wong - SAJC (2020)

Excellent tutor and enriching lessons

I found Axiom’s method of teaching to be highly effective and structured. The centre focuses on teaching the basics to get a grasp on mathematical foundation and furthers our understanding with more challenging problems. One key feature I took away was the graphic calculator shortcuts that were taught to us. This allowed me to save precious time during tests and exams. Ashley is extremely approachable which allowed students to be comfortable to ask questions, even ‘stupid’ ones. While some students might be afraid to ask questions in school, Ashley is always open for consultation sessions and clarifies all our doubts.
Julian Oeni - ACS (I) 2020

Focused curriculum on key topics

The curriculum was focused on more important topics, which helped me to improve my ability to solve questions faster. This gave me additional confidence during my exams, especially with the gdc techniques taught by Axiom.
Jaydon - ACS (I) (2019)

Excellent tutor and enriching lessons

Ashley made learning enjoyable and his patience is second to none. He is great at finding the balance between making lessons fun, yet enriching. He is very thorough in teaching concepts and ensures all his students are able to grasp various problem solving techniques. Ashley is also great at preparing students for numerous important questions that were likely to come out in the papers.
Tarrah Yap - ACS (I) (2018)

Concise, well-thought out notes and superb tutor

Axiom’s notes were well compiled, sifting out redundant and excess information as compared to my school notes, which allowed me to study much more efficiently and make better use of my time. Axiom also provided us with a math cheat sheet which I found to be incredibly useful and am still using it in university. The centre enables students to identify question types and provides generic steps to solve these problems. Ashley is not just a tutor, but a great friend. He often takes time to chat with students about their daily lives and was so engaging that I looked forward to attending each lesson. Despite only signing up for math lessons, Ashley even took the effort to print out chemistry notes for me upon request! All in all, I had a great experience @Axiom and would highly recommend the centre.
Rayshall Yeoh - RJC (2018)

Catered learning, providing essential skills to score in exams

Axiom catered to my needs, assisting me in areas where I was unfamiliar or not as proficient in. This was a huge contrast from my school and it helped me to immensely improve on my weaker topics. I also felt more prepared to take examinations as Axiom prepared me to recognise question types and to apply my knowledge and answering techniques accordingly. A useful tip was to underline key phrases in the question and allowed me to avoid countless long-winded answers, ultimately saving time to focus on other questions. Ashley not only helped to better understand various mathematical concepts that I struggle with prior to meeting him. He is incredibly approachable and friendly, which allowed me to clarify any doubts with him comfortably. I would highly recommend Axiom!
Nicholas Wong - ACS (I) (2018)