At Axiom, we aim to interpret fundamental ideologies and methodologies to practical everyday applications.

We are an academic tutorial centre that provides tuition services to secondary school level students onwards that will be taking the IP, IB, O and A level examinations. Gone are the days of simply memorising textbooks and regurgitating notes, because we believe that it’s not just about knowing the contents; it’s about understanding them and knowing what to do with the information given. The more you understand an idea, a concept or a question, the better the solution you can come up with

Why Axiom Education?

We aim to reorganise the wealth of information dumped on students to promote efficient learning while excelling in their studies. Our unique expertise and experience in teaching O level and IP as well as A level and IB sets us apart.

Nurturing Active Learners

Our educators strive to create a highly dynamic learning environment which encourages students to naturally develop their critical thinking skills as well as to actively participate in classroom discussions.

Passionate and Inspiring Educators

Our teachers strive to push students to excel and achieve excellence and to develop an excitement for learning. Apart from impressive academic qualifications, our teachers also place great emphasis on caring for our students mental well-being.

Conducive Environment

We hope to inspire students to act on their curiosity as classroom discussions are highly encouraged. We have developed unique methods to enable students to understand concepts better and to assist them in applying these concepts during their examinations.

Our Happy Students

Here are some of our testimonials from our passionate learners

Excellent Tutors. Well Structured Lessons.
           Amazing After Class Support

Going to Axiom has really helped me to gain more confidence in my HL maths! The weekly sessions have given me the exposure to all types of questions and with the warm and patient teaching environment in Axiom, I always feel unafraid to clear my doubts.
Axiom also has a strong after class support system. I could message them at any time of the day and they would reply promptly with clear explanation of the solution to my questions.
The revision classes were very structured and well delivered which ensures every topic that will be examined in the IB Exam were covered thoroughly. I felt well-prepared going into the IB HL Math exam and managed to score a 7 for HL math.
Thank you Ashley and crew!!
Vivienne Tan (ACS Independent)
45 Points

Concise And Well-Thought-Out Notes
                  Results Oriented

The lessons at Axiom are on a different level. I did Math, Chemistry and Economics here. The classes are structured and well planned. The notes are concise but yet have everything you need to do well for IB
Right from the start, the tutors here teach you exactly what you need to know to score a 7 for the IB exam. I like how Axiom's notes are well organised and the tutors were very clear in their explanation of key concepts. With their guidance, I was able to confidently secure a 7 for all 3 subjects!

Thank you everyone at Axiom!

Arunav Deep Singh (HCIS)
44 Points

Clear And Communicative Teaching

I've only been with Ashley from Axiom education for 1.5 years, but I've received nothing but care and clear/communicative teaching.

My math grades have been improving and I can see a greater depth in my understanding of the subject throughout my time here!

After the regular classes and intensive revision, I finally scored a 7 for HL Math in the IB exam. This wouldn’t have been possible without the guidance from Axiom.

I highly encourage those who are looking for a caring, professional and efficient teacher to sign up !

Alexia Kho (ACS Independent)
43 Points

Fun & Effective Lessons

I joined Axiom Education at the end of Y5 and I felt like I improved significantly within a short period of time. Ashley never fails to make his lessons fun and enjoyable.

His lessons are very structured and well planned out, giving me exposure to a variety of questions which boosted my confidence in the subject. Ashley creates a safe space for his students to learn and motivates us to enjoy the process and improve.

He is very experienced and can answer any type of math questions in great detail:”)

He is also just one text away when you need math help!! Highly recommendable!
Nicole Tan (SJI)
43 Points

Caring & Effective Tutors
       Results Oriented

I enrolled in Axiom Amaths tuition at the beginning of secondary 4 and both physics and chemistry tuition later in the year. I had received E8 in chemistry, D7 in physics and F9 in A Maths in my sec 3 mid year exam and was feeling hopeless. On the verge of dropping chemistry to focus on other subjects, Ashley persuaded me not to give up and began targeted practice suited for me during tuition. After intense revision and guidance from my teachers from Axiom, I jumped to an A1 in Amaths and an A2 in both sciences which I ended up using in my final L1R5.

On top of preparing us well for the exam, the teachers are very experienced with the education system/subject combination in both the IB and A level route. They set time aside to advise me which allows me to make an informed choice on my path and subject combination.
This is truly a tuition centre that specialises in all thing’s O/A Level & IP/IB related.
Thank you to the team at Axiom!
Ryan Eng (ACS Barker)
A1 - A & E Math (O Level)

Motivating And Knowledgeable Tutors
     Conducive Learning Atmosphere

Axiom education is really an amazing place! Ashley took me in when I was just a poor failing student and unlocked my potential to become an A1 student in mathematics, physics and chemistry. From an F9 in math in secondary 3 to an A1 for prelims and A2 for o levels. With the help of Gabriel and Victoria I also managed to score A1 for physics and chemistry for O levels. The tutors there are really accommodating and friendly on top of being excellent teachers, especially Gabriel, Victoria and obviously Ashley.

I feel that the learning environment is what sets axiom apart from the rest. The tutors are very understanding and the timings are very flexible. Thanks to Ashley, the environment is also kept spotless every single day and his determination to keep the environment clean is super underrated and should be awarded!
Being there is like being with family. 😍😍
Benjamin Wee (ACS Barker)
A1 - Physics & Chemistry (O Level)