About Us

About Us


Axiom Education is a leading education centre that provides quality tuition services to students who will be taking their IP, IB, O and A level examinations

Save Time, Save Effort, Save Stress

Don’t Just Work Hard, Work Smart!

We are effective at breaking down and restructuring the wealth of information provided to our students to enable efficient learning, which is critical in achieving academic excellence.

Axiom’s unique expertise and experience in teaching the O / A level and IP/ IB curricula sets us apart from the rest.

Why Axiom Education?

Impressive And Proven Track Record

The results of our students say it all. Since 2014, our students have consistently continued to score way above the national average, notwithstanding that over 85% of our students were struggling to achieve a pass in their examinations when they first joined us.

With our guidance, our IB students in 2021 achieved an average of 42.13 for their IBDP examination and above 90% of our students saw an improvement of at least 2 grades within the first 2 months of lessons with Axiom.

Our IP and O level students in 2021 also achieved similar success with over 87% scoring A1/A2 or Grade 6/7 for their end of year examinations.

Effective And Efficient Teaching Pedagogy

Our unique teaching pedagogy goes against traditional teaching methods to create a highly dynamic learning environment which allows our students to maximize their learning potential.

During each lesson, students will learn:

  1. Important theories and concept organised in a manner that is concise and easy to understand
  2. How to Identify examination question patterns
  3. How to apply key concepts to examination questions
  4. Answer examination questions accurately and confidently
Ultimately our teaching style ensures our students’ success is achieved through a combination of Fun and Efficient Learning. No time is wasted and there is never a dull moment at Axiom as we pride ourselves on keeping our students challenged and motivated. We are confident that each student that walks through Axiom Education will look forward to coming for class with us.

Passionate, Experienced and Young Teachers

Axiom Education’s tutors are young, passionate and experienced, with at least 3 years of teaching experience. In addition, all of our teachers have to undergo the 1-month Axiom Teachers’ Training Curriculum conducted by our founder himself. This is how we ensure that all of the tutors’ teaching abilities are of the highest standard set by Axiom Education.

Our teachers are passionate about helping their students develop an excitement for learning and inner motivation to push to excel.

Apart from their impressive academic qualifications, our teachers also recognise the importance of caring for their students’ mental well-being. Having been a student not too long ago, they understand the challenges that students of today face. As such, our teachers do not only know how to teach well, they are also able to relate and empathize with the difficulties that the students face in their academic journey.

With a combination of youthful dynamics and validated experience in our tutors, coupled with the exam-orientated lesson structures, you can be sure that we will get you to score top grades for all of the important examinations, FAST.

Strong Academic Support System

Our job goes way beyond just the lessons in class. Our tutors provide strong after class academic support. We understand that it can be very demoralising when you are stuck at a question especially when you are motivated to study, therefore we are always just a WhatsApp away from getting the answers you need!

Want to achieve top grades too?

We can help you! Contact us now and let us show you getting the grades you want is not difficult if we work as a team.