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Check Out Our Programmes


Fundamental Ideologies And Methodologies To Practical Everyday Applications

International Baccalaureate (IB)

To obtain an International Baccalaureate diploma, you will require a different skill set from the traditional exams in the past. Although the curriculum is still driven by facts, there is an increased focus on the ‘big picture’ of how concepts are used. Our teachers are skilled at walking you through the new system of learning with real-life examples so that you will be well-equipped for the assignments and exams.

GCE A Level

Some say the GCE ‘A’ Level are the hardest examinations you will ever have to take. For some, it is the first time you’re studying without a textbook. For others, the pressure is in finishing so many essays in such a short period of time. Because our teachers are well-trained in what examiners look for, we’re able to easily select the most important content and guide you in acquiring the skills to overcome the challenges you face.

Integrated Program (IP) Tuition Singapore

As the Integrated Program is a 6-year through-train to either the International Baccalaureate or the GCE ‘A’ Levels examinations, a common worry is that students will not have an ‘O’ Level certificate to fall back on if they do not perform. However, our syllabus for the IP takes care of this by slowly building up your capabilities not just in content, but also in reading, writing and analysing, so you are well-equipped for the huge exam milestone.

O Level

With just 4 years to the GCE ‘O’ Level, students are often daunted by the thick textbooks and heavy workload of 6 to 8 subjects. Often, this is also the first time they are exposed to in-depth content for subjects like Chemistry, Physics, Geography and History – just to name a few. Our team has sifted through the materials from various textbooks and exam papers, so we can guide you in knowing what to focus on, in order to do well.

IGCSE / CIE / Edexcel

We offer 1-1 lessons to prepare students for these examinations. Our tutors are very familiar with the syllabus as every year we have many foreign students (From countries such as China, UK etc) who attend classes with us to prepare for these examinations. We offer the following subjects: 1) Mathematics 2) Physics 3) Economics 4) Chemistry 5) Biology