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Physics is one of the most challenging subjects in IB. Memorising answers to “standard” exam questions no longer works as students are expected to understand the concepts.

Our tutors at Axiom Education will break down and simplify complex physics theories for you. Most importantly, we will teach you how to answer the questions accurately with these key concepts and score that ‘7’ for your IB.

Challenges Faced By IB Physics Students

Difficult Concepts and Abstraction

One of the foremost challenges in learning IB Physics is grappling with complex physical concepts and abstract theories. Topics like quantum mechanics or relativity can be highly challenging for students to visualise and understand.

To address this challenge, our IB Physics tuition in Singapore employs various teaching aids such as interactive simulations, visualisations, and real-world examples. These tools help students grasp abstract concepts by making them more tangible and relatable. Additionally, our instructors use analogies and practical demonstrations to simplify intricate ideas and enhance comprehension.

Extensive Content and Time Management

The IB Physics curriculum covers a vast array of topics within a limited timeframe. Students often struggle with managing their time effectively to cover the extensive syllabus while maintaining a deep understanding of each concept.

Our IB Physics tuition offers a structured study plan that breaks down the curriculum into manageable segments. We prioritise essential topics and allocate study time efficiently to ensure comprehensive coverage. Regular assessments and practice exercises help students pace their learning and reinforce their understanding. Our experienced tutors also provide time management strategies to help students balance their academic workload effectively.

Axiom’s Solutions to these Challenges:

Complex Problem Solving

IB Physics involves solving intricate problems that require critical thinking and application of theoretical knowledge. Many students find it challenging to tackle these problems, especially those involving mathematical calculations and experiments.

We focus on honing problem-solving skills through practical exercises and hands-on experiments. Through IB physics tuition, our tutors guide students in breaking down complex problems into manageable steps, emphasising logical reasoning and effective problem-solving techniques. We provide ample practice opportunities, including past exam questions, to build students’ confidence in applying their knowledge to real-world scenarios. Additionally, our tutors offer one-on-one assistance to address specific challenges students may face in problem-solving.


Why You Should Join An IB Physics Tuition in Singapore?

Expert Guidance

IB Physics is a rigorous and challenging subject, and having access to experienced and knowledgeable tutors can make a significant difference in your understanding and performance. A reputable IB Physics tuition centre such as Axiom Education will provide you with expert guidance from educators who have a deep understanding of the subject matter, ensuring that you receive the highest quality instruction and support.

Organised Learning

IB Physics covers a wide range of topics, and it can be overwhelming to navigate the curriculum on your own. A tuition program will offer a well-structured and organised curriculum that aligns with the IB syllabus. This approach ensures that you cover all the necessary topics in a logical sequence, building a strong foundation and helping you excel in your examinations.

Practice and Feedback

IB Physics requires practical problem-solving skills and the ability to apply theoretical knowledge to real-world scenarios. IB Physics tuition in Singapore typically offers ample opportunities for practice through exercises, assignments, and past exam questions. You’ll also receive valuable feedback from your tutors, helping you identify areas of improvement and refine your problem-solving techniques.

Peer Support and Motivation

Joining an IB Physics tuition programme provides you with the opportunity to study alongside peers who share similar academic goals and challenges. This peer support can be motivating and create a conducive learning environment. Group discussions, collaborative learning, and friendly competition can enhance your understanding of the subject and keep you motivated throughout your IB journey.


International Baccalaureate 2022

Average Total Score: 42.06

HL / SL Mathematics

85.71% Achieved '7'

HL / SL Economics

100% Achieved '6' or '7'

HL / SL Physics

100% Achieved '6' or '7'

HL / SL Chemistry

84.62% Achieved '7'


What Our Happy Students Says

Here are some of our testimonials from our passionate learners

Guide You Academically To The Next Level Excel In a Fun, Conducive Environment
I joined Axiom in the middle of year 6 to strengthen my foundation and knowledge for HL math. Ashley has been nothing but a pillar of support to me, who will answer all my queries and provide me with apt practice questions which are representative of the IB and school papers.
More than just a tutor, Ashley was a mentor and companion who always encouraged me to do my best, and believed in me when I didn’t. Because of Ashley, I’ve done the best I ever have for my mathematics paper and I really could not be more grateful.
Join Axiom to excel academically in a fun, conducive environment!

Chan Yi Xin (ACS Independent) 45 Points

Carefully Curated Questions Clear Logical Structure
I joined Axiom for their IBDP Mathematics and Economics tuition and it has been the best tuition I've ever been to, to say the least. Each lesson has carefully curated questions that cover the entire spectrum of the syllabus. Lessons are both light-hearted and in depth to ensure students don't lose focus during the lesson.
I also joined the Economics tuition class 6 months before my IB exams and it took my essay writing skills to the next level. Toran patiently explained to us how to approach our paper 1 essays - from having a clearer logical structure to writing effectively within the exam time limit.
For both HL Math and Econs, I managed to get 7 for my Prelims and comfortably got a 7 for my IBDP.
A big thank you to Ashley, Toran and the team at Axiom!

Ethan Ang (ACS Independent) 43 Points

Conducive & Friendly Atmosphere After Class Academic Support
I joined Axiom at the start of Y6 and Ashley was so welcoming and friendly from the start. I was struggling with certain topics but as time went by, my confidence in Maths really improved.
Ashley would provide extra lessons during intense periods of exams and he typically includes questions that are worth taking note of.
Ashley also replies my text messages asking for help in Maths promptly which is super useful and convenient. I really enjoyed my time at Axiom and would highly recommend this place to other students!

Olivia Hou (ACS Independent) 43 Points

Efficient & Exam-Oriented Teaching Increased Confidence
I joined Axiom’s Math class around term 2 of my final year in IB. I got a low 5 for my promo exams in year 5, and was struggling to grasp some of the concepts. Also I am heavily committed to my sport, and spent majority of my time outside of school training and travelling overseas for competition.
Ashley made lessons so much fun while still keeping them productive and ensuring we fully understand the methods he taught. His lessons were exam-oriented, in that he taught us the simplest ways to remember and tackle the questions that come out in exams. The lessons eased my uncertainty and anxiety going into Math exams as I had much more confidence in my ability to answer the questions, because of the practice we had done in class.
For my prelims, I got a mid 6, and I got a comfortable 7 for my IB exams. Overall, I have so much gratitude for Axiom and Ashley, because it didn’t feel as if he was just another tuition teacher. The classes were relaxing and fun, and I cannot recommend this tuition centre enough!

Mark Lee Ren (ACS Independent) 41 Points

Chill, Light-Light Hearted Atmosphere
Goes The Extra Mile For Students
I joined Axiom in year 6 after struggling to find a good tuition centre for math. Ever since joining Ashley's lessons, I have improved significantly and I really enjoy the chill, light-hearted atmosphere here.
Ashley always goes the extra mile to ensure that his students understand every concept and even provides extra lessons during exam season to make sure that every topic of the syllabus is covered.
I'm also very grateful for his fast responses through texts whenever I am stuck with a question .

Emma-Lynn Lam (ACS Independent) 40 Points

Excellent Tutors. Well Structured Lessons. Amazing After Class Support
Going to Axiom has really helped me to gain more confidence in my HL maths! The weekly sessions have given me the exposure to all types of questions and with the warm and patient teaching environment in Axiom, I always feel unafraid to clear my doubts. Axiom also has a strong after class support system. I could message them at any time of the day and they would reply promptly with clear explanation of the solution to my questions. The revision classes were very structured and well delivered which ensures every topic that will be examined in the IB Exam were covered thoroughly. I felt well-prepared going into the IB HL Math exam and managed to score a 7 for HL math. Thank you Ashley and crew!!

Vivienne Tan (ACS Independent) 45 Points

Concise And Well-Thought-Out Notes. Results Oriented
The lessons at Axiom are on a different level. I did Math, Chemistry and Economics here. The classes are structured and well planned. The notes are concise but yet have everything you need to do well for IB Right from the start, the tutors here teach you exactly what you need to know to score a 7 for the IB exam. I like how Axiom's notes are well organised and the tutors were very clear in their explanation of key concepts. With their guidance, I was able to confidently secure a 7 for all 3 subjects!
Thank you everyone at Axiom!

Arunav Deep Singh (HCIS) 44 Points

Clear And Communicative Teaching
I've only been with Ashley from Axiom education for 1.5 years, but I've received nothing but care and clear/communicative teaching. My math grades have been improving and I can see a greater depth in my understanding of the subject throughout my time here! After the regular classes and intensive revision, I finally scored a 7 for HL Math in the IB exam. This wouldn’t have been possible without the guidance from Axiom. I highly encourage those who are looking for a caring, professional and efficient teacher to sign up !

Alexia Kho (ACS Independent) 43 Points

Caring & Effective Tutors Results Oriented
I enrolled in Axiom Amaths tuition at the beginning of secondary 4 and both physics and chemistry tuition later in the year. I had received E8 in chemistry, D7 in physics and F9 in A Maths in my sec 3 mid year exam and was feeling hopeless. On the verge of dropping chemistry to focus on other subjects, Ashley persuaded me not to give up and began targeted practice suited for me during tuition. After intense revision and guidance from my teachers from Axiom, I jumped to an A1 in Amaths and an A2 in both sciences which I ended up using in my final L1R5. On top of preparing us well for the exam, the teachers are very experienced with the education system/subject combination in both the IB and A level route. They set time aside to advise me which allows me to make an informed choice on my path and subject combination. This is truly a tuition centre that specialises in all thing’s O/A Level & IP/IB related. Thank you to the team at Axiom!

Ryan Eng (ACS Barker) A1 - A & E Math (O Level)

Motivating And Knowledgeable Tutors Conducive Learning Atmosphere
Axiom education is really an amazing place! Ashley took me in when I was just a poor failing student and unlocked my potential to become an A1 student in mathematics, physics and chemistry. From an F9 in math in secondary 3 to an A1 for prelims and A2 for o levels. With the help of Gabriel and Victoria I also managed to score A1 for physics and chemistry for O levels. The tutors there are really accommodating and friendly on top of being excellent teachers, especially Gabriel, Victoria and obviously Ashley. I feel that the learning environment is what sets axiom apart from the rest. The tutors are very understanding and the timings are very flexible. Thanks to Ashley, the environment is also kept spotless every single day and his determination to keep the environment clean is super underrated and should be awarded! Being there is like being with family.

Benjamin Wee (ACS Barker) A1 - Physics & Chemistry (O Level)


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