who we are

Our Teachers


We only hire the best

Although we receive many applications to be a tutor at Axiom Education, we are extremely selective with the people we hire. After all, we want our students to receive the best academic support they can get.

Our tutors go through a 2-stage interview process where they are evaluated based on their academic knowledge, communication and interpersonal skills, lesson delivery and dedication to go the extra mile for our students.

Ensuring continuous quality education

Upon passing the interview process, all tutors will have to undergo the 1-month Axiom Teacher’s Training Curriculum conducted by our founder himself. This is how we ensure that all of the tutors’ teaching abilities are of the highest standard set by Axiom Education.

Throughout the year, Axiom Educations regularly observes and conduct individual evaluations with its tutors to ensure quality control. With regular feedback, our tutors are able to continuously refine and perfect their knowledge and lesson delivery to meet the specific needs of our students which vary year on year. 

Passionate, experienced and young tutors

We are well known for our young, dynamic and experienced tutors. 

Axiom Education’s team of tutors are young, passionate and experienced, with all of them having at least 3 years of teaching experience.

Students in today’s academic climate learn better from tutors who are able to command their attention and are efficient in delivering the lesson content. This is where our young, dynamic tutors shine.

Apart from their impressive academic qualifications, our teachers also recognise the importance of caring for their students’ mental well-being. Having been a student not too long ago, they understand the challenges that students of today face. As such, our teachers do not only know how to teach well, they are also able to relate and empathize with the difficulties that the students face in their academic journey.

With a combination of youthful dynamics and validated experience in our tutors, coupled with the exam-orientated lesson structures, you can be sure that we will get you to score top grades for all of the important examinations, FAST.